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Gabdullah Tuqay Poetry Night

April 18, 2015

Tatar community in Adelaide celebrated the Gabdullah Tuqay poetry night at the Marchant Community Centre, Athelstone on 18 April 2015.

Many members of the Adelaide`s Tatar community attended the gathering and either recited and read poems by Gabdullah Tuqay and from other Tatar poets. Night opened by recitation of surah from the Quran by Tatar Imam Bulat Ishmukhametov. MCs for this event were Musharraf Valiyff and Rufiya Valiff. They carried out their function admirably. Tatar Ladies singing group sang Tatar songs, children of the Tatar - Bashkurt Ethnic school recited poems also. Mrs. Rizida Yawushoawa recited a poem titled "Book -Kitap". She is 82 years old. Overall it was another successful night and everyone enjoyed the proceedings.




Obviously success of any events would not have been possible without the support and contributions ‎of the members of Tatar community. In particular we wish to express our special thanks and ‎acknowledged their fantastic contribution and effort for organizing the Gabdullah Tuqay Poetry Night to the following individuals:‎

  • Ms Musharraf Valiyff and Rufiya Valiff