Our Association after recognising the need, started to explore the possibility of providing culturally appropriate aged care services of the highest quality standards for the care, comfort and welfare of aged persons primarily of Tatar-Bashkir origin or descent.

With this in mind we met at the offices of Multicultural SA with Mr. Simon Forrest, Executive Director of Multicultural SA, Ms. Maria Barredo, Member SAMEAC and Leon from Office for the Ageing (OFTA) on 1 March 2007. After discussing the type of services available it was decided that best option would be utilising HACC (Home and Community Care) services for our community. Simon said he will arrange an information session to inform the services to all Turkic communities in Adelaide later in the year.

In August-September 2007 a formal information session organized by Multicultural SA at Windsor Gardens Community Hall, Danby Avenue Windsor Gardens. Representatives from various community care organizations and Turkic communities came and provided information to people at the meeting.

From then on we had further discussions with OFTA (Office of the Ageing) to develop and fund our services. OFTA suggested that due to being a minority ethnic group in Adelaide, it will be very difficult for us to obtain funding on our own and suggestion made for our community to form a partnership with another service provider with a proven record to apply for funding. Under this concept service provider would apply for funding and administer the relevant operation of our services but our community would retain the delivery and provision of culturally appropriate aged care services to Tatar-Bashkir, Uighur, Ozbek,Kazakh and Turkish elders.We are continually striving to propagate our services to make a positive difference to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of older people of not only Tatar-Bashkir speaking descent but also that of Uighurs, Uzbeks, Turkish and other turkic communities as well.

On 28 April 2009 a meeting between us, Patrizia Kadis from Italian Benevolent Foundation (IBF) and Lois Kelly from OFTA took place. IBF agreed to assist our cause. Patrizia Kadis said she would submit the funding request on our behalf and IBF would oversee our services.

After few more meetings to finalise any outstanding issues, a memorandum of understanding created between our Association and IBF which lead to establishment of Tatar-Bashkir Community Care Services under the auspices of Italian Benevolent Foundation. We commenced to provide the services from IBF’s office located at 222 Torrens Road Renown Park South Australia as from 11 March 2010. Mr. Ziya Maski appointed as the Coordinator to deliver the services for our community. At the same time a steering committee formed for the purpose of making recommendation on delivery of services and activities for elderly.

Since the start of our operation we have successfully signed 7 of our elders to receive our services.  We have two support workers providing our services which include:

·         Domestic assistance- cleaning, vacuuming, washing

·         Meals and other food services

·         Transport

·         Assessment

·         Socialising

Our Association is also involved in Community Partnership Program called “Caring for CALD Carers” and we are a member of an Advisory Committee (established in November 2009) to oversee the project and offer support and advice on issues relating to Italian, Tatar Bashkurt and Chinese Carers.

We are continually striving to propagate our services to make a positive difference to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of older people of Tatar-Bashkir speaking descent.


For values we follow the same values adopted by the Italian Benevolent Foundation and they are:

·         Respect - acknowledging the values, beliefs and contributions of everyone within our           community.

·         Openness - welcoming all people and embracing all opportunities and ideas.

·         Fairness - acting with transparency, due process and empathy to achieve the outcomes we desire.

·         Unity - collaborating with others to create opportunities.

·         Excellence - to strive towards best practice in everything we do to be the best we can be.

·         Integrity - act with honesty and sincerity in all that we do.

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