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15 December 2013

The Tatar–Bashkurt Association of Australia organized Sabantui celebrations at the Stockade Botanical Park on the 15th December 2013. Special guests and government officials were invited to this gathering.The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan sent well-known and talented singers from Tatarstan, Ms. Hamduna Timirgalieva and Mr Marsel Vagisov to Adelaide to take part in Sabantui celebrations.Association members met the guests at the Park with chak-chak in accordance with Tatar tradition.Hon Jack Snelling MP, Minister for Health and Ageing, Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Minister for Defence Industries, Minister for Veterans` Affairs, and Member of the Executive Council made speeches at the Sabantui.Mr Shawkat Valiff and Mrs Ravza Veli acted as MCs and they carried out their duties admirably.Adelaide Turkish community also participated in the Sabantui and they cook their culinary delights to please the hungry crowd at the Sabantui. Members from Uzbek, Uighur and Russian communities also came to Sabantui and took part in many of the activities.Students of the Tatar–Bashkurt Ethnic School displayed their skill in dancing on the stage. Student from Uighur Ethnic School performed Uighur dance. Indeed, the stage became an arena of celebration!Australian Tatar singer Zulya Kamalova and her partner Mr Andrew Tanner also performed in the Sabantui. Ms Galiya Safina did a solo dance to Tatar music.Singers from the Republic of Tatarstan sang many Tatar songs to entertain the guests. This Sabantui provided plenty of entertainment, food and games and was appreciated by all government officials and guests. This year for the first time a mock "Sumo Wrestling" was introduced to the Sabantui by Tatar youth.


Obviously success of any events would not have been possible without the support and contributions ‎of the members of Tatar community. In particular we wish to express our special thanks and ‎acknowledged their fantastic contribution for Sabantui to the following individuals:‎
Mr Ramil Sadri and Mrs Firdause Sadri
Mr Shohrat Valiff and Mrs Dilara Valiff
Ms Musharraf Valiyff
Mr Roostam Sadri
Mr Nail Gabitov and Kenja Gabitov
Ms Sofiya Valiyff
Mrs Suyungul Chanisheff and Ms Kafiya Chanisheff
Mr Sadik Valiyff and Mrs Saniya Valiyff
Mr Ahmat Valiyff and Mrs Gulfiya Valiyff
Mr Rifkat Abbas and Mrs Yildana Abbas



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